Vodafone users allowed to step out during lockdown in search of Network: Government of India

19, Apr 2020 By Sandeep Kadian
New Delhi: With the lockdown across the country still in place, Government is repeatedly advising non-essential workers to stay at home during all time. However, they have made an exception for Vodafone subscribers, understanding their need to roam around in search of the signal.
Government of India has issued a circular stating that any person searching for Vodafone signal will be exempt during the lockdown, and Police personnel have been advised not to give them a body massage using their sticks.
Speaking to the media, a senior official from the Telecom Ministry said ,” We are well aware of the Vodafone Network, which like a rebellious teenager, is found more often on the roads than at home. Therefore, we understand the need of Vodafone subscribers to venture out when they want to make a call or send a message or see that Tik-Tok video. Therefore, we made a request to the Prime Minister to allow them to step outside and the government agreed.”
“As you know, mobile network is essential during these uncertain times so it is covered under essential services. Now other companies are providing signal to everyone at home, while Vodafone subscribers have to search for it so only they will be allowed to step outside. People should show their phone with Vodafone sim to any policeman who comes up to them to beat them up for violating lockdown”, the official added.
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