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Voters now demand money for voting in Exit Polls also

13, Apr 2017 By RT

New Delhi. Election commission of India has conducted a nation-wide survey to find out people’s behaviour of demanding money for voting in assembly or parliamentary elections. The survey results were shocking. Not just for assembly and parliamentary elections, the voters are now demanding money for MCD elections as well. It was almost unfathomable for the commission to learn that the voters now demand money for voting in exit polls also.


Across India, whenever there are elections, it is money making time for the voters. According to a report, around 80% of the electorate accepts money for voting and only about 50 to 60% turn up to vote on the election day.

While 10 to 15% of them participate in exit polls. The latest survey suggested that most of the exit poll voters demand money now. An interesting twist is that most of them vote differently between the two polls.

“Any government coming in is not going to do anything good for us. They are going to  make money for themselves and their next 5 to 10 generations. What is wrong in accepting money from them for at least my next 5 to 10 meals,” a voter told Faking News on condition of anonymity.

“Earlier, after voting, once out of the booth, I used to starve with half meals again. Now, with the exit polls, I get to eat a couple of more days,” he summed up the Indian democracy and the electoral process.

“Exit polls is our biggest business. Most political parties pay us huge sums to project an exit poll in their favour. We, in turn pay a paltry sum from it, for voters participating in the exit polls. After all, what is a poll if voters aren’t paid?” a leading TV channel revealed to Faking News.

Looking at the money involved, an election commission official was found seriously considered quitting his job and travel from state to state to vote and make money. Apparently, he was caught while preparing his voter ids for all the states and union territories.