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Waiter escorted by armed guards was taking tomato curry to the table

25, Jul 2017 By dasu

Indore: Soaring prices of tomatoes is not only impacting the budget of households, it has also become a major headache for wholesalers in vegetable market as they have to deploy armed security guards to protect the vegetable from evil eyes.


Even restaurant owners who use tomato puree in many of their curry based items are feeling threatened with the price of tomatoes crossing 100 rupees per kilogram. “Even inside restaurants, my waiters are not ready to take the tomato based curries without having proper protection around them. At minimum two heavily armed security guards escort each waiter as he or she brings the curries from kitchen to the tables of our customer”, said Sumit Singh Chauhan, owner of a popular restaurant chain in Indore and Bhopal.

“We have made small chambers only for families who can afford tomato based curries. We do not want the smell of the tomato based curries disturbing our other customers who will be having their dinner in this hall”, said Mr. Chauhan.

When we asked what about the price of the tomato based gravies, Mr. Chauhan said, “As price of tomato is going up every day, like jewelers do, we display the additional cost which we call tomato cess at the reception counter. As you can see in the digital monitor there, if you want to eat any tomato based curry today, you have to pay 50 rupees extra per 100 grams of curry. This covers the cost of security guards deployed for safety of curry as well as waiter & customer”.

“One good thing is many families who will waste food earlier are completely finishing their curry. The burden on people who do the cleaning of the utensils have come down”, said Mr. Chauhan.

One person who is allergic to cucumber and onion was having a plate of tomatoes as salad. Suddenly he got a sms from IT department, “Your income tax return profile and life style is not matching. Please declare your ‘other sources of income’, otherwise we will be compelled to initiate action against you”. The person who did not know he is being watched so closely asked waiter to swap his tomato plate with a plate of radish.