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I wanted the movie to be named Avatar No.1 but James Cameron didn't like it, so I refused to act in his movie: Govinda

30, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

Bollywood actor Govinda made a startling revelation yesterday at a talk show by saying that he was the first choice for James Cameron’s Avatar but dropped out because of creative differences.

govinda avatar

The actor beat Chris Evans and Channing Tatum to play the protagonist in the move but things didn’t quite work out for him. His superstitious nature got the better of him as he wanted the movie name to be similar to some of his earlier flicks such as Hero No.1 and Coolie No.1.

Apparently, Govinda was not happy with the original title and wanted it to be changed. “I was the original choice for the movie. James Cameron offered me a huge sum to be part of his sci-fi project. But my suggestion to have the title changed to Avatar No.1 did not go well with him. So I opted out. Mai ek kalakar hu aur ek kalakar ki jab koi izzat nahi karta toh uske saath kaam kyu karna,” he said while speaking to our reporter.

When questioned as to why was he not happy with Avatar as the title, the actor said, “If you remember, the hindi movie Avatar starring Rajesh Khannaji and Shabana Azmi was released in 1983. I worked with Rajeshji in Swarg and mai unki badi izzat karta hu. I wanted the title Avatar to be associated with Kakaji only and no one else.”

Govinda’s family too wasn’t keen on the actor accepting the Hollywood offer. “Jab maine apni family ko Avatar ke kuch clips dikhaye toh unhone poocha ‘ye blue film hai kya’. It clearly wasn’t meant for me,” Govinda spoke on his family’s reaction.

There was no official word from James Cameron to Govinda’s revelation, but the spokesperson for the Oscar winning director called Govinda’s claims as delusional.