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After watching Dangal, Supreme Court now makes it mandatory to play National Anthem during the film as well

12, Jan 2017 By RT

New Delhi: ‘The Supreme Court of India makes it mandatory to play National Anthem during the movie, effective immediately with all the new releases’, an order from the top court was issued today.

Supreme Court
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“After watching Dangal, it is our observation that the citizens of India will stand up for the National Anthem as many times as required during any theatrical presentation. It is also an interesting observation that the people are more cheerful if the Anthem is played during the movie. The feeble protest seen with the mandatory National Anthem at the beginning of the show was replaced with cheers and claps when the hero of the movie stands up for the Anthem along with the crowd”, the court has explained the rationale behind the order.

“We had observed people’s reaction after we made National Anthem compulsory before the screening of every movie and we observed that the desired patriotism isn’t quite evident in the citizens of this country. We were wondering how to rectify that when we thankfully saw Dangal in a cinema hall. The moment they played the National Anthem during the film, entire crowd stood up and later chanted Bharat Mata Ki Jai slogans. That is the level of patriotism we want to see during every film screening”, the court order further read.

When asked if standing again and again will be a problem for the audience, a Supreme Court judge said ,”Oh come on, Standing is not a problem for Indians, they have been standing for the past 2 months in front of banks and ATMs.”

Supreme Court order also mentions that the National Anthem is placed at different time during different shows to make sure that people aren’t prepared for it when it plays and the display of patriotism is totally spontaneous.