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The way Yogi ji was driving in fast and furious; I knew he is the man to be UP CM: Amit Shah

29, Jul 2019 By dasu

Lucknow: While meeting the press Amit Shah clarified why he and Modi ji choose Yogi Adityanath to be UP CM in 2017, a surprised selection which baffled many at that time.


“Yes, we knew neither he has run a municipality in his life, nor he is a not a three-dimensional talent like Vijay Shankar of Indian cricket team. What tilted in his favor was the control he has demonstrated us in fast and furious series”, told Amit Shah getting confused like many with Yogi Adityanath’s look alike Vin Diesel.

“First time I and Modi ji saw him doing all the stunts, we fell in love with his talent. We thought for a state like UP which has many notorious criminals, let us have someone who can chase and catch them fast. Humara paas jyaada time bhi nahin tha, aage general election tha, we needed a superman like Yogi ji to steer the state in fast and furious manner”, added Shah Ji.

Amit Shah told looking back he has no regret. “Not only criminals, now people on road are so afraid of his administration no one will dare to take a selfie with a cow. Last two years appraisals, I have given him exceeded expectation rating”.

“Today’s politics is so tough, for me other than eating few meals at Dalit’s house or for Modi ji to do a monthly mann ki baat, we do not get any spare time”.

“Mujhe yeh pata nahin hai chalata hai ki Yogi Ji itna kuch kaam kaisse kar ke phir movie mein acting kar lete hain. Have asked my other chief ministers time management training lene se kuch nahin hoga. Learn from Yogi Ji”, told Amit Shah when Yogi Ji was smiling sitting beside.