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After a week of marathon meetings HR team finalize length of LED string that will be hanged on office Christmas tree

16, Dec 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: HR team of Teenlakhia Technologies has finalized the length of the decorative LED string light that will be hanged on top of office Christmas tree.


“This was not an easy task. After spending close to 170 hours on this single subject meeting, we have finalized this year we will use a LED string of about 5 meters”, told Sarita Sharma, HR manager of the IT company.

Sarita is happy, light which was in her domain is out of the way so that she can peacefully go on leave now. “However, I have asked my team to have different single subject meetings like this on the size/color of fake gift wraps that will be kept at the bottom of the tree, what items will be hanged from the tree”.

“Apart from this my team is working on to finalize how much white cotton to be used to showcase snow on this tree”, Sarita told us showing the three-page project plan she has done on this.

She highlighted this is a very important tree that will be placed at office entrance for couple months till HR team come back from vacation. “So many customers visit our office. There are other IT companies in this tech park, their employees often visit our office to give their CVs. So, our office entrance must look good”, she added.

Meanwhile admin head of the IT company has written an urgent email to HR team specifying, “The natural tree which we grow in office backyard garden for rest of the year has grown beyond the height of the roof at the office entrance. Unless we cut it from top or remove the POP from roof, this tree cannot be used. Please call for another single subject meeting on this soon”.