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We’ll be profitable if PM Modi continues to take trips abroad as he is doing right now: Air India

30, May 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: Recently top leaders of BJP, RSS as well the senior officers from Air India met to discuss about Air India disinvestment. The consensus was, there is no need to take the route of disinvestment for Air India as many felt the rate at which PM is going now on foreign trips can turn around the company in next five six years.

“There would be lean time like some state elections will happen, so naturally in those months PM’s trips per month would come down. So realistically speaking, we expect on an average PM will take 3 to 5 trips every month”, said a senior Air India official while speaking to us on the condition of anonymity.

“Remember we are not factoring the brief stopovers he did at Pakistan few years back or the one he is doing now at Kuala Lumpur during his two-nation tour to Indonesia and Singapore. Then there is general trip inflation which would automatically improve his tally in terms of countries he will visit. We are in good hands now”, said the senior Air India official.

A senior minister in NDA government who in his 4-year term has made only a half a day trip to Bhutan said, “It’s good there is consensus against disinvestment process for Air India. Otherwise Subramanian Swamy who eats his three meals in Supreme Court canteen, would have made our life miserable”.

He added, “My only request to PM Modi would be, Sir, hum log bhi line mein hai. Unlike you, many of us close to 75 years age when you would send us to margdarshak mandal. Use pehle Air India ko bachane ka punya kaam mein hum bhi aap ka haath batana chahte hain. Give us some chance.”