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Western railway asks Salman Khan to drive local trains for a month to desist people from defecating on tracks

02, Dec 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who has been roped in as the face of Swachta Abhiyaan to deal with defecation in public, will also be part of Railways plan to tackle squatters along railway tracks.

salman driver

Apparently, the actor will be ‘motorman for a month’ and will drive a local train to desist people from relieving themselves along the railway track. Our reporter spoke to a few officials to get the latest info on this new development.

“Yes it’s true. Salman Khan has agreed to sit in the motorman’s cabin. Our fight against defecation along tracks just got a boost. Just having the actor sitting in the driver seat is enough to scare people away from the tracks,” said PRO for Western Railway.

The actor, who had voiced concern about people answering natures call outside his house, jumped at the opportunity and said that he would be happy to use his ‘driving skills’ to make the city clean.

Sources say that the idea is already showing signs of becoming a success. Many have left their shanties along the track, while others are desperately looking for a safer place to squat.

“With Salman in the driver’s seat it’s not safe anymore. They were more than just tracks for us. Each morning we used to have ‘tracks pe charcha’ while answering natures call,” said a nostalgic Babulal Yadav.

Some track dwellers were planning demonstration against the move saying that it violates their right to defecate. “We are planning a mega rally to oppose this move. We will squat in a line from Mahim to Matunga tomorrow morning. Hopefully we will get some political support like they did for people standing outside banks,” said a track dweller.

Opposition parties did not confirm their support to the dwellers. Congress party clearly stated that Rahul baba would not be part of the demonstration as he was still mentally and emotionally upset with the hacking incident.

Railways say that the move brought a drop of 75% in the number of squatters. But close examination revealed that many gave up their morning call to nature to stand in queues outside banks, so the numbers could be exaggerated.

Meanwhile, Salman said that this initiative was much WANTED and he was READY to help railways and give a KICK to open defecation.