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WhatsApp group admins are being preferred for jobs by recruiters: Research

26, Jul 2014 By AdityaSachan

New Delhi. A recent survey shows that companies prefer to recruit people who are not just active on WhatsApp, but are also member of multiple WhatsApp groups. What’s more, the job is almost guaranteed if the applicant is ‘Admin’ of those WhatsApp groups!

“Research shows that people, who are WhatsApp group admins, are more sincere and active while discharging their duties. They also show traits of leadership and better management skills,” Mr. Bakbak, a researcher told Faking News.

“This is in stark contrast to the general perception, that people always on WhatsApp have got no talent who are wasting time sharing jokes and irrelevant messages all the time,” the researcher revealed the shocking findings, which has become the reason why recruiters are offering jobs to WhatsAppers.

Show your talent, get a job.

The research was carried out by ‘Pinky Institute of Technology’, which conducted the research on its students, most of whom were more active on WhatsApp rather in classrooms.

“We found that people who are not just active on WhatsApp all time, but also bear the burden of ‘Admin’ responsibility, show admirable responsibility and sincerity compared to those people who either go into hibernation or mute the groups,” Mr. Bakbak revealed the finer nuances of the research findings.

“We saw that people who were WhatsApp group admins, used to get worried if they found no activity on group continuously for a few hours. They manage various groups efficiently using ‘copy-paste’ technique by putting jokes and forwards from one group to other. Also, they had better emotional skills as they used more emoticons to express all their emotions for everything they felt,” he added.

“And they have a responsibility of commenting on everything being discussed on group, even it did not make any sense, showing the seriousness of their job,” the researcher concluded.

Mr. Policywala, a senior HR working for an MNC confirmed that they were impressed with the research and fully endorsed it.

“We always look for such qualities in a good employee. An employee worried about not getting attention for his not so important tasks, commenting on anything that happens around, and being active without doing much is a prized catch,” he said.

Meanwhile, after the research was made public, many are seriously considering to add their WhatsApping expertise on their Resume/CV.

“All the grades I lost due to forwarding jokes have now come back on my CV!” said a happy final year engineering student.