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When a person is drunk, body's centre of gravity shifts to head: Research

26, Dec 2013 By idiot420

Delhi. If a research paper published by Somaras Shukla, a PhD student of IIT Delhi is to be believed, body’s centre of gravity shifts to head after the person concerned is drunk.

Live demonstration.

As per Somras, his discovery has more to do with metaphysics than physics.

“Metaphysics literally means, beyond physics. Whatever I wrote in my research paper is purely experience based philosophical explanation of physical things what I, or rather we as a human being feel after getting drunk,” said Somras while explaining his out of the box finding.

Somras first thought of the idea when he was partying with his friends at the Mandrem beach in Goa. Reportedly, he fell down after few pegs of drink, and that was when he first realized the underlying theory.

“That was his Newton moment, only difference was that, instead of an apple, it was his own body which sparked the idea,” told a close friend of Somras, “Don’t know whether it was a coincidence or what, but at that time we were drinking apple flavoured vodka.”

After giving a lot of thought on why there is a sudden urge to lie down after getting heavily drunk, Somras found a clue in heaviness in head which people feel after getting drunk.

“I asked myself, why? Why there is an unexpected increase in our head’s weight? Of course the mass is same and even gravity is same, but still it happens. Then I first discovered the concept of virtual weight of brain which it gains under impact of alcohol and it’s much greater compared to weight of rest of the body,” described Somras.

In his research paper, Somras explains this virtual weight gain using metaphysical theories.

“A drunk person is much more knowledgeable than a normal person, it’s a verified truth. Now this extra intelligence and information in brain contributes most toward brain’s weight gain. You must heard that a knowledgeable person becomes humble, just like tree branches bend after getting laden with fruits, it’s the same concept,” Somras added further.

It’s the virtual weight of brain which actually results in shifting of body’s centre of gravity (COG) to head. With COG around head, a person finds it tough to stand on his own feet. More drunk is the person, greater the virtual weight and higher is the possibility that he/she will fall on the ground.

Somaras, is currently working on impact of weed on body’s centre of gravity. One of his close associate revealed that, in early stage of his research he has found that body’s COG vanishes from body, that’s why people feel like flying after smoking weed.