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When will Rahul Gandhi visit us, soon queues will be over, ask people standing in ATM queues

04, Dec 2016 By dasu

Amethi: People standing in front of ATMs at various places in Amethi are upset that Congress vice president has not visited them till now.


“We are worried as day by day; the ATM queues are getting shorter”, said Kumar Avishwas, a middle aged person standing in front of a bank ATM. “If Rahul Gandhi does not have time to come now, there is no way we will get a chance to meet him before UP assembly election”, said Mr. Avishwas.

Mr. Avishwas added, “As I read every day in newspaper, he has gone earlier to Mumbai and now visiting different places in Delhi to understand the difficulties people are facing while standing in queue. I want to give him benefit of doubt. He might have thought these queues will remain for long time, let me cover the big metros which has lot of media coverage to create hype, later he can do a full India trip”.

“Another reason I can think of, big metros like New Delhi and Mumbai have wider and nicely tarred roads where the luxury cars, suvs he uses can fly. But I never understand, who stopped him from making nice roads in his constituency which he and his family members are winning for so long. Let me ask him about it when he comes along with her sister Priyanka during assembly election campaign time”, said Mr. Avishwas.

We spoke to one of the secretary of the party to know about Rahul Gandhi’s plan. He said, “Who told you Rahul Gandhi has no plans to cover entire India. Right now Parliament in session, though we will not allow any work or debate to happen there, but he needs to be present here. He is working so hard that he has not got any time to spend a single penny from the 4000 rupees he exchanged at bank. He wants to do everything possible to keep the demonetization issue alive at least till Dec 16th, the last day of winter session of Parliament”, said party secretary.

“In between if we see the issue dies down here, he will go abroad and talk to Indians who are facing similar problem in front of ATMs in foreign countries. We are preparing a list where he can go on vacation this year”, said the Congress Party secretary.