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While filling restaurant feedback-form engineering student asks for extra sheets to write, other customers shocked

28, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: In a bizarre incident at Jagneel Family bar and restaurant, a customer by name Pankaj Khandekar ended up asking for extra sheets while filling up the restaurant feedback form, thereby shocking other customers and restaurant staff.

As soon as Pankaj asked for the extra sheets, the otherwise noisy and bustling restaurant suddenly came to a complete silence. Customers on all other tables were looking at Pankaj with extreme disbelief, as he was with provided extra sheets and he continued to diligently pen down additional lines of feedback. Many of the onlookers were reportedly reminded of their exam days in school, when they used to be at loss of words to fill-up in the original answer sheet yet one of their co-students was taking extra sheets upon sheets, having already filled the original one.

Apparently one wasn't enough for him
Apparently one wasn’t enough for him

Pankaj reportedly took 3 extra sheets to complete his feedback, then capped his pen with utmost style and then valiantly got up and handed the complete feedback to the restaurant invigilator (manager). He then looked down upon at all the other customers with a victorious smirk and coolly left the restaurant premises.

Mahesh Borker who was seated next to Pankaj later described the incident as a horrible nightmare , “Oh man, when he asked for extra sheets, I immediately lost my appetite. I also had the restaurant feedback form kept in front of me, but all I could write was that the soup was tasteless and ice-cream was melted when served, I didn’t even fill up the complete space on the original form sheet. I don’t know why that guy needed extra sheets for a restaurant feedback? I used to be a confident man, but after this incident I am broken from the inside.”

Pankaj Khandekar, the man himself, labelled the whole incident a usual one. He said, “I used to be a restaurant owner before I lost lakhs in that business and closed out 2 years back. Now I am a content writer. So you see I am a lethal combo, being a content writer I can write a lot and when it comes to food business, I can write endlessly.”

“Taking 3 to 4 extra sheets is a norm for me. When I visit 5 star hotels I usually fillup 10 to 15 sheets. I comment on food quality, texture, taste and nourishment values of the products used. I also comment in detail on the way food was brought to the table and how it could have been served better. I then provide my inputs on ambiance, décor and how it can be improved, what building materials can be used. I also comment on dressing and serving style of waiters, bar dancers and other peripheral staff. Then I get into the real profit and loss part of it. I estimate how much the restaurant is earning and how much more it can earn if my suggestions are followed. Now that is something I call feedback,” a beaming Pankaj concluded.

While Pankaj is expecting restaurant owners to call him and sign him up for freelance consulting assignments with them, he admits having received no such calls until now despite giving detailed feedbacks in over 150 restaurants across Mumbai. One of the restaurant owners however talked to us on condition of anonymity and said Pankaj’s feedback is generally some serving and plating style tips copied word to word from top restaurant journals. Pankaj has even been seen filling the feedback form by copying sentences written on small parchi (pieces of paper) which he secretly keeps below the table on his lap, a habit he is carrying from his exam days.