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White car enters Delhi for a day, leaves as a black one

09, Dec 2015 By Hemant Bijapurkar

New Delhi: In a news which proves the mettle of the almighty, omnipresent Delhi pollution, a white Alto which entered Delhi this morning has been seen leaving the capital as a black one.

Free paint job. Thank's to Delhi's pollution.
Free paint job. Thank’s to Delhi’s pollution.

The car which looked sparkling new, now has a ominous darkness attached to it.

A toll officer recounted, “When I first saw that white car entering Delhi, I knew isse nahin ho payega. I even thought of suggesting the driver to put on a car cover and then drive. It would have caused no trouble as almost all drivers in Delhi drive without using their eyes and he would have blended perfectly. How come the driver never realized that the purity of his car would not have blemished, unless you observe closely there is no way that you would be able to tell that it was once white.”

The car which entered via Noida had totally changed its colour as soon as it entered New Delhi. The Delhi cops who were carrying out checks even questioned the driver when they found the colour mentioned in its bluebook was white and it looked nowhere near that.

The transition of the car was just like that of a child’s tooth. Starts of as white, yellows as the time passes then finally turns black. The only difference here was that the car took a bit longer.

There are also reports of top washing powders thinking of using the Delhi pollution to promote their brands. This rising pollution has also affirmed that we are not just trying to better China just in terms Growth rate and population.

We later spoke to an eminent citizen over the rising Delhi pollution, ” Well what is dust and grime but worldly materialistic troubles. The important this is that we need to keep our hearts and souls clean and refute all forms of intolerance.”

After which he fired his maid for not properly cleaning behind the cupboard.