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WHO to fund a team of researchers to study ‘Modi’ allergy after seeing the extreme case of Mani Shankar Aiyar

20, Nov 2015 By chachachaudhary

After  looking at  some of the statements of Mani Shankar Aiyer in the context of  P.M. Narendra Modi,WHO has appointed a panel to do a study on  the new allergen  ‘Modi’.

'Modi allergy' is now on WHO's radar
‘Modi allergy’ is now on WHO’s radar

The scientists in the panel were intrigued by the symptoms which was verbal diarrhea and abuses  instead of sneezing, rashes, asthma or itching.

A doctor who chose to remain anonymous revealed some of the initial findings of the study to faking news correspondent.

The initial exploratory data revealed that: Allergy is a word used to describe  an exaggerated or excessive response to many of the commonly found substances which are generally harmless .

The common allergens found around may be wasp bite, peanut, brinjal, egg yolk, pollen grain etc. But here in the subject’s Mani Shankar case the allergen is a person ‘Modi’ and not a substance.

Regarding the allergen doctor from the panel revealed that no patch or needle tests were necessary to identify the allergen and mere mentioning of ‘ Modi’ or  ‘Modi wave’ or even ‘Chai’ triggers the allergic reaction of the intensity Grade 4  in the subject.

Earlier his colleague  Salmaan  Khursheed also showed the same symptoms up to  grade 3. The subjects medical history showed he underwent such kinds of allergic reactions in the past as well.

Although this ‘Modi’ allergy does not pass from one person to another but is commonly found in few of the members of an endangered political party in India, some seculars and liberals, as well as some loyalists of an ancient ruling dynasty.

It is the only type of allergy in which the subject sometimes willingly exaggerates the symptoms of verbal abuses in expectation of some reward from the dynasty.

The doctor from the panel regarding the cure of ‘Modi’ allergy suggested that some reward from the ancient ruling dynasty or some more seats for an endangered party in next election of Lok Sabha can decrease the allergy grade from grade 4 to grade 3 but it cannot be cured altogether.