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Wife after fighting with husband leaves for mom’s place, returns as Bengaluru traffic was more painful

29, Nov 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Other day Rachna Gowda had a heated argument with her hubby Abhishek. Post that she left for her mom’s place in Whitefield. To Abhishek’s surprise, Rachna was back in less than two hours’ time.

Rachna had a terrible traffic jam experience on the way which compelled her to return mid-way.

Bengaluru traffic during off-peak hours
Bengaluru traffic during off-peak hours

“Abhishek was a decent guy when we were hanging out together. After he became husband, I saw how irresponsible he is. Will finish all the hot water in geyser, will never keep his stuff at proper place. For him life means, Kohli, Ronaldo, Arijit Singh and office. Janab ke paas time nahin hota mera post mein comment dene ke liye, if his office colleague Nisha posts something, he will be the first to comment,” said Rachna

“Already two years in to my marriage, all my aunts, cousins were laughing behind my back that I have never been to my mom’s place after fighting with my husband. It’s not like my mom is staying in Mars, she is just three hours, 15-kilometer drive from the place I stay. Mere upar bahut pressure tha eak baar yeh karne ke liye,” said Rachna.

Rachna added, “When I checked before booking cab, it was showing 2 hour 55 minutes to reach my mom’s place which is so far from reality. Cab fellow took 30 minutes to come. Every time, I called, he said, madam, aa raha hoon, aa raha hoon. In forty minutes, can you believe it? I was at the shop from where I buy vegetables daily, hardly ten minutes by walk from here. After one hour realized, taking this much pain for a silly fight is not worth. Got down and came back.”

In the meantime, ‘Super busy’ Abhishek decided to take the day off and call his office friends for a surprise party at his home. When he rushed to open the door thinking Domino’s pizza boy is ringing the bell, he saw Rachna.

We are glad, traffic jam united the couple again. They had twenty hours in their hands till Abhishek checks in to traffic jam next day, what they did, will leave it to the readers imagination.