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Wife refuses husband’s call if he calls from Silk Board Jn, says don’t waste my one hour

02, Mar 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: While waiting for Silk Board Junction mess to clear up, Amit will call his better wife Sarita to kill his boredom. Initially Sarita used to pick up the calls thinking how caring and loving Amit is, after leaving from home he still thinks about his family. Later when she came to know these are all time pass calls, she refused to pick them.

Unko kaam dhanda nahin hai, traffic jam pe baithak ke mere saath time pass karte hain. I have to take care of chintu, so much work at home”, said Sarita while speaking to us.

“Some days, Jam lasts for two to three hours, he would like me to be an active listener for that entire duration. I suggested to him now data rates are at all time low, karo time pass on social media or YouTube. Times for India has added extra pages on Bollywood beauties, read more gossip, if nothing else to do, listen to FM advertisements. Do whatever you like, but do not call me”, said Sarita.


Amit aapne harkat se baaz nahin aa raha tha, then Sarita gave the ultimate warning, “If you call me next time from Silk Board Jn, I am going to call my mother to come here and stay with us”.

Amit said, “I have two mobiles with unlimited talk time. But no one I can talk to. Called few friends they also asked me to send messages in WhatsApp, not to disturb them unnecessarily. Sometimes I call back the loan agents thinking let me talk to those lovely voice of Priya, Sana or Sumati as they introduce to me. While I am free at the signal and call on those numbers, some guy called Prakash, Javed or Manjunath will pick up. Who is interested to talk to them?”.

Amit is looking for suggestions from our esteemed readers what all he can do while waiting at the signal.