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Wife suspects infidelity after husband comes home in 3 hrs from office during rain in Bangalore

27, May 2017 By dasu

Bangalore: Techie, Vinod Rai wanted to give his wife a pleasant surprise by reaching home in a record time of three hours by taking some ‘unconventional routes’. The new ‘record’ time is noteworthy because Vinod did it in prime traffic hour condition in the evening and that too when the streets were getting battered in heavy downpour.

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Last thing Vinod would have imagined when he started from office that his ‘above expectation’ performance would trigger a Mahabharata at home with his wife, Sujata.

She is accusing Vinod of infidelity. Sujata asked Vinod to prove the impossible that how one can cover seven kilometers in three hours in Bangalore traffic that is too when it is raining outside.

Sujata while talking to us said, “What Vinod thinks of himself, he can fool me. I have gone to his office multiple times. Few days back we returned from his office party around 2 AM in an auto. In such lean traffic condition, it took us more than two hours and today he is saying, honey, I started at 7 PM and reached 10 PM.”

Lagta hai uska chakkar chal raha hai kissi ke saath, I will find it out,” Sujata said.

Hapless Vinod shared his side to us. He said, “Actually I took shortcuts, broke traffic rule so that I can catch second half of KKR vs MI playoff match. Instead of telling truth, may be due to such nice weather, became romantic and said for you only I have come early from office. Now no power to see the match, Kismat Kharab, Match bhi gaya, raat ka Khanna bhi nasseb nahin hoga.

After few hours of fight, Sujata gave Vinod one last chance. She said, “The day it is going to rain in the evening, Vinod, you call me to your office. Let us see your driving ability, if we can reach home in three hours, I will never ever doubt on you.”

“Next week, schools will open, means parents will return back after summer vacation along with their kids. In that traffic, even an ambulance cannot reach in three hours, How can I? I can see ‘The End” of my married life,” said Vinod with a sad tone.