Will allow open book tests in Bihar if voted to power: Tejashwi Yadav

08, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav today released the party manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha election. Along with providing reservation to lower castes, Tejashwi also promised tax-free toddy to the tribal people. But the party believes that the best was saved for the last when Tejashwi announced that his government will allow open book tests for the benefit of students.


Tejashwi said that this move would ease the exam pressure on students and would help lakhs of students who prepare for competitive exams in the state. While speaking to media persons at the release of his election manifesto, the RJD leader said, “Not long ago, I too was a student. I know the exam pressure. The long grueling hours you have to put in writing the chits which you can hide in you sleeve for the exam next day. Besides I have seen that even you best friends don’t help you in the exam hall.”

When questioned if his proposed plan will have any takers, he said, “I have been in such situations so vidyarthi bhaiyon aur beheno ka dard mai samajhta hu. Believe me it will be the best scheme in the history of schemes in this country.”

Many students welcomed the scheme and under condition on anonymity even said that they’d vote for RJD in the coming elections. There were others who felt that the entire promise of open book exams was a half hearted attempt at garnering votes. “if he wants my vote then copying should be allowed in all exams. Better still if any party promises to get rid of exams in the first place then I’d blindly vote for it,” said a student of Patna University.