Will conduct floor test on the day Dhoni retires: Karnataka Speaker

19, Jul 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

There has been high drama in Karnataka politics over the past few weeks putting the government of ideological Congress-JDS alliance in jeopardy. Ever since several MLAs resigned a few days ago, opposition BJP has been demanding a floor test in assembly of the government but no test has been conducted yet.

Karnataka Governor had given a deadline of last night for the test but that was ignored by the speaker KR Ramesh Kumar, like all deadlines are ignored in the country. After that, the Governor gave another deadline of 1:30 PM today but even that was well left by the speaker, reminding everyone of MS Dhoni’s batting in World Cup semifinal.

Now Speaker Ramesh Kumar has issued a clarification and said that he is not against conducting the Floor Test, but he just wants to do it on the day MS Dhoni retires from Cricket. As per Mr Speaker, the Floor Test will distract the people from the pain of Dhoni’s retirement and it will be his service to the nation.

Speaking to the media, Honorable Speaker said, “What is the rush? Why do you want an instant T20 Floor Test? Have some patience, learn from Mr Dhoni, slow and steady wins the race. Well sometimes it loses but let’s not dwell on the negatives. It may seem like we are just wasting time right now to give Government the time to buy back the MLAs but all we are doing is, setting a platform for a great finish of the trust vote. Once MS Dhoni announces his retirement, we will have our big floor test.”

When we asked why did he choose MS Dhoni’s retirement and not any other cricketer, Mr Speaker said ,”We picked the guy least likely to resign, to give the government best possible chance of survival.”