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We will enquire how did the Andheri bridge last 40 years: BMC

04, Jul 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: While Mumbaikars were busy showing their spirit once again, part of a bridge in Andheri collapsed disrupting local trains throughout the day. After a lot of investigation, it was discovered that the bridge was responsibility of the BMC and not Railways. Immediately after the discovery, BMC issued a statement saying that they will investigate the matter and find out how did a bridge last so long in the city.

A Chief Engineer working for the BMC said, “We know we have some very old bridges in the city but they were constructed by the Britishers and we can’t do anything about them. However, how our constructions are lasting so long is a matter of concern and we will conduct a thorough investigation to find out the culprit.”

Explaining the cause of concern, he said, “Regular construction keeps the economy going. Suppliers, contractors, officers, everyone makes money through these constructions. This is a great source of job creation in the country. There is limited space in Mumbai so we can’t always look for new constructions so repeatedly constructing the same thing is very important for us. Now if everything starts lasting for decades then we won’t have anything to do in between and even new jobs won’t be created. This is why it is vital for every bridge to collapse within a decade.”

When asked about the potholes on the city roads, the Chief Engineer pointed towards a flooded road and said, “Where are the potholes, show me a single one, I challenge you.”