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Will leave Maharashtra and settle elsewhere if CM is not a Shiv Sainik: Sanjay Raut

07, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

Making his intention clear this time around, Sanjay Raut today said that he is ready to leave Maharashtra if a Shiv Sainik is not made the Chief Minister of the State. The threat was issued while speaking to reporters on the issue of Govt formation.


Raut said that Aditya is the rightful successor to the CM chair and he’d rather live outside the state than see someone else take over the position. “Agar Sainik nahi toh koi nahi. Not just me, every Shiv Sainik will have second thoughts about living in the state. This is not what was promised to us,” he asserted.

Mr. Raut has not yet given any indication as to where his next stop would be after leaving Maharashtra. “He has not given any indication. International destinations are not ruled out. He might have a meeting with Rahul Gandhi to narrow down on Thailand or Bangkok. But all that is speculation,” revealed an insider.

Reacting to the news Devendra Fadnavis remarked cheekily and said, “There is no need for him to leave the state. Sanjayji should use the 50:50 formula here as well. He should spend 50% of the time in Maharashtra and 50% outside the state.”

Just yesterday Sanjay Raut created a Whastapp group with Cong and NCP leaders and made Aditya the group admin, in an apparent indication of the party’s intentions.

The Saamna Editor had earlier been reprimanded by Supreme Court and asked to keep his mouth shut till leaders of both parties decided on govt formation. But even that did not stop him from making comments. Legal experts opine that This latest could be seen as contempt of court.