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Will provide pollution masks to Delhi Police as well so that they aren't easily identified by lawyers: Kejriwal 

05, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

The law and order situation in Delhi is well known, but things lately seem going out of hand as cops seem to be at the receiving end of the legal community’s ire. The situation  has prompted Delhi CM to step in, who has now rolled up his sleeves to deal with the situation.


CM said that he will personally hand out pollution masks to all police personnel in Delhi so that they are not easily identified by lawyers. “Kuch extra masks pade hain, woh hum policewalon me baat denge. That will help them cover their faces. We have seen videos being circulated on social media showing how cops are being trashed by lawyers in the city and something needs to be done to mitigate the situation. Though Delhi Police doesn’t fall under us, we will do everything possible to maintain law an order,” he said while speaking to assembled media persons.

Kejriwal also reacted to cops going on a dharna outside Chief Police Commissioner’s office and said, “Please don’t copy my style of protest. IT works only during elections. Wear the masks that I am providing and don’t venture anywhere close to the court,” he added.

The CMs mask distribution drew sharp reactions from other parties. The BJP felt that this was another lame attempt by Kejriwal to score bownie points. BJP leader  Viijay Goel once again dared the Delhi CM and said that he’d roam the streets of Delhi without a mask to show his defiance to Kejriwal.

Congress party said that it will release an official statement once Rahul Gandhi is back from his meditation trip.