We will take Duckworth–Lewis's help to justify demonetization: Arun Jaitley

23, Nov 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi: In a new report that will possibly leave the Indian government red-faced, the country’s central bank has revealed that 99.30% of the currency demonetized in November 2016 is back in circulation. The central aim of the dramatic move to demonetize notes was to catch citizens stashing money not declared for tax purposes or obtained illegally by surprise. The government was hoping to put a dent in the country’s underground economy. But somehow the advantages diminished very soon and now the govt is going door to door to get some help to justify demonetization. The Finance ministry sources are finding out ways to justify the big decision. Arun-Jaitley

In yesterday’s meeting with the bureaucrats, Arun Jaitley provided a solution to his colleagues. He said that the govt will take the help of famous mathematicians Duckworth-Lewis to justify the advantages of demonetization. In a recent match against Australia, the Indian team had to suffer because of this age-old method which is not a child’s play to understand. Many Indian mathematicians and statisticians have died without understanding this method. In fact, many universities are providing pHd in this subject of understanding Duckworth-Lewis. According to Jaitley, the government is always on a lookout for fictional reasons to keep the people happy. Now the ministry has understood the usefulness of Duckworth-Lewis in making the government look good in front of the people.

Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli were also seen studying the method so that they can strategize in today’s match.