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After wishing each member of Indian womens team PM will wish all brother-sisters individually on this Raksha Bandhan

05, Aug 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: After becoming the first premier of a country to wish each member of the team with personalized message, PM Narendra Modi wants to do an encore.

As per our sources close to PMO, prime minister Modi like the messages he sent for each member of women’s cricket team before world cup final, he is planning to send personalized messages to all the brothers and sisters on the eve of Raksha Bandhan.

PM Modi who is the second most followed world leader behind POTUS Donald Trump, will go right on top by the count of tweets once this exercise is over.

“For this massive exercise to be successful, twitter server must hold up. As you know such an exercise, forget about trying, no one in the history would have the audacity to even think about it,” said one PMO official who is in-charge of this activity.

The PMO official who asked us not to reveal his identity said, “We have talked to twitter team in US, along with them we have done stringent testing for last 3 weeks to make sure this event passes off smoothly without any hiccups. Twitter team has suggested us to stagger the tweets through the day to keep the server working.”

When we asked, what is the reason behind this massive ‘exercise’, PMO official said, “PM wanted to connect with each country men. This is one such golden opportunity where he can cover so many. Lot of back ground data we have collected from Aadhaar data base, demonetization data. You will be surprised with the kind of personal message it will carry. Please do not ask too many questions, just wait for the exercise to unfold over the weekend.”

Twitter is hoping this ‘exercise’ will bring a lot of new people to twitter, which will translate to more revenue through online advertising. Reacting on this, opposition party leader Arvind Kejriwal said, “As such our message is not reaching our country men. With such flood from PM Modi, our twitter messages will be lost in that ocean. We won’t allow this. Will meet Nitish Ji, Mamata Didi and others to plan our next action.”