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With VIP passes gone, Pawar asks MLA to become Stumpy

01, Apr 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. With over 3000 political VIPs set to attend the ICC world cup final match between India and Sri Lanka tomorrow, accommodating more political personalities is proving to be really challenging for the ICC. But with a capable leader like Sharad Pawar as its president, ICC is coming up with innovative ways of accommodating more VIPs. One MLA is all set to become Stumpy, the mascot of ongoing world cup, in order to watch the match free.

“He totally looked like a ten-year-old elephant when he came asking for a VIP pass,” an official of the Wankhede Stadium told Faking News on conditions of anonymity, “I muttered the same without realizing that Pawar Saab was standing behind me. I thought he would be angry, but it seems he liked the idea and went up to have a chat with the MLA.”

Stumpy, the elephant
Stumpy, the mascot of the ICC 2011 World Cup

The concerned MLA will now dress up as Stumpy and watch the whole match free of cost tomorrow, with an added advantage of standing close to the cricketers and Sachin Tendulkar. The MLA was asked to take this route as all the VIP passes for the event have been used up.

“He is happy, in fact he asked if he could conceal his son inside the elephant costume as well, so that there were four feet, but we told him that Stumpy, although an elephant, walked upright on two feet; he appeared a bit disappointed.” the official said.

But it seems ICC would need to come up with more such ideas as sources tell us that even though just 4000 tickets were made available for general public out of the 32000 capacity stadium, officials have realized that the number of VIPs has grown beyond their expectations in the last few years.

“It’s really bad and unfortunate that while they are asking caste in the census, they are not asking whether a person is VIP or not; we need such data while planning such big events,” the official said.

Meanwhile the housekeeping boy, who had been dressing up as Stumpy till now, was clearly unhappy with the decision, but informed us that he had been promised a job by Sharad Pawar to compensate for his loss.

“No, no, Pawar Saab was serious. What is an April Fool’s joke?” he said, when Faking News tried to confirm.