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Without ticket travelers demand separate coach as it gets too crowded in reserved coaches

15, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Travelling by train is the best way to learn about India, its people, its culture, the villages, the smaller towns and the simple lives of the Indian people. But with increase in crowd day by day, its becoming a hectic ride. The number of without ticket travelers has also increased manifold. In fact in some trains, no of ticket holders is less than those travelling without ticket. So much so that the without ticket travelers are demanding separate coach for them in every train.


“India has one of the biggest, the busiest and is the most connected rail networks in the world. With a population that is creeping towards 1.5 billion, it is no surprise that trains often runs overcrowded”, said one of the railway official. “So we are discussing about the demands made by the without ticket travelers seriously”, he further added.

Faking News reporter caught up with one such frequent traveler named Jagdish Malik and he had this to say,” I have been traveling without ticket since last 10 years, but nowadays am facing major issues in finding space in trains as they are too crowded. We have to save ourselves from ticket collector’s eyes, find space in train, shift from one coach to other, you see how tedious it is for us. Government should think about us too. railways is doing so much for the ticket holders, it has turned a blind eye towards people like us. We request the railway ministry to attach special ‘without ticket’ coaches in all major trains. This way the reserved passengers will also be happy as it will create ample space inside their coaches too.”

Railway minister Suresh Prabhu has ordered a serious discussion on the issue and soon railway will come out with a well chalked out plan to accommodate people like Jagdish who are an integral part of our public transport system since ages.