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Woman Activist Protests against govt's decision by keeping AC temperature at 18; Hospitalized

29, Jun 2018 By Guest Patrakar
On Sunday, Power Ministry released an advisory that says AC manufacturers will now have to set default temperature of AC at 24 degree Celsius. Default settings means pre-set setting and user can change temperature whatever suits him/her. Govt. invited a lot of criticism with its advisory and many called the step an undeclared emergency. Eminent journalists slammed Modi govt and accused him of breaching their privacy, considering ACs are usually installed in bedrooms.
Protest was seen on the second day of release of the advisory, opposition not only called the idea stupid but also appealed people not to follow this draconian rule. Activist Arumanti Roy went one step higher and said that from now onwards she’ll keep her AC at 18 as a sign of protest to govt’s advisory. Arumanti’s decision proved to be troublesome for her as monsoon shower along with cold breeze brought down the climate temperature to 22degree Celsius, leading to cold and fever. Arumnati was hospitalized after diagnosis.
Faking News reporter spoke to Arumanti’s camaraderie, Shruti. Shruti supported Arumanti’s decision and said “See, someone has to come foreward because if no one does then this hitler govt will keep breaching our privacy. Today they are regulating our AC temp tomorrow they’ll regulate our gyser temperature, and who know they already have advisory for that. I am proud of Arumanti’s for standing up to our rights.”
This isn’t the first time when someone has taken weird step to show their protest against the government. A few days back when world was celebrating Yoga day a few people refused to even leave the bed as a protest but got disappointed when they were told that even sleeping in straight posture is shavasana, a form of yoga.