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Woman athlete declared as 'not woman' without tests, after authorities found that she is BJP supporter

14, Apr 2015 By manithan

Kolkata. A woman athlete was declared as ‘not woman’ and was barred from contesting in state level athletic event in the city. The athlete in question has revealed that the authorities did not even conduct any test on her hormone levels and is currently doing a protest against the sports authorities.

We met with the disgruntled athlete, who does not want her name to be published. She said, “I was preparing myself for the 100 metres race. I was doing warm-up near the tracks, when my coach came to me with this shocking news. Initially, we were totally confused. Generally, they determine whether an athlete participating in a woman sport is really a woman, because there were cases in past, wherein a man had passed as a woman to win such races. For that, they use gender determination test. But, in my case, it never happened. I was not subjected to any form of gender determination test and had not even met any authorities before coming to the stadium. And they had declared me as ‘not woman’. They should have killed me instead.”

You see women here right? Actually, media sees men here.
You see women here right? Actually, media sees men here.

Saying so, she started crying. Her coach, who was nearby, consoled her and continued, “The state authorities had done this damage to us and we request CM to intervene and help us. As of now, we have not got any responses for this harsh decision. We need to know why she was declared as ‘not woman'”.

After much discussion, we tried to get into touch with one of the sports authority, who agreed to reveal the reason, on conditions of anonymity. He said, “It is true that we declared her as ‘not woman’ without taking any test. She is supporting Bharatiya Janata Party. She had campaigned for BJP in her locality last year. Even the media, intellectuals, activists and feminists brand ‘women who support BJP’ as ‘men in women dress’. They treat women related to BJP as ‘not women’. Look at the reactions to Smriti Irani’s Fab India incident. We just implemented that principle and declared her as ‘not woman’. It is very simple reasoning man! Can’t you guys get it?”

We met a famous feminist to discuss about this issue. She said, “RSS enforces patriarchy across the world. BJP-RSS-VHP symbolises women oppression. So, it must have only men in ranks and fields. That is why, a woman who supports BJP cannot be a woman. It is impossible. Sanghis take fake profiles of women online and create an illusion that BJP has women supporters. But it is completely wrong. We will fight against patriarchy and women oppress.”

She then excused us, lifted the veil covering her face and sneezed.