Woman tears her son's engineering degree after he fails deck the house with Diwali lights for upcoming festival

24, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Not too pleased with the way her mechanical engineer son had decorated the house for Diwali, a South Delhi woman tore his degree in a fit of rage.

The Khurana family of South Delhi were done with their Diwali cleaning ritual and were all set to decorate their house with lights. Their eldest son, an engineer from IIT, was the one entrusted with the task of decoration. However, things didn’t turn out quite as expected after he failed to do a satisfactory job.

Mummy Khurana couldn’t hide her anguish. While speaking exclusively to Faking New she said, “Kya issi din ke liye college bheja tha bete ko. Diwali ke liye ek bhi light theek se nahi lagaya hai. What is the use of his engineering if he can’t decorate the house. Do you know how much embarrassment this is going to cause me at my next kitty party.”

This is the same woman who had earlier torn her sons degree for not being able to repair the ceiling fan.

“I somehow managed to stick all the pieces of the degree the last time it happened. But this time it looks like things are beyond repair. I am not an electrician or a plumber. IIT se hoon..ITI se nahin,” her son Ashish said emphatically.

The incident once again highlighted the issue of college education not imparting ‘real world skill’ to students. “Most of the knowledge is theoretical and is of little use practically. What good is an engineering degree if you cannot fix a dam bulb or put up Diwali lights. Govt needs to give it serious look,” said a senior academic associated with a premier institute.