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Woman wearing mini skirt walks home safely after a late night party

03, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Bengaluru: In an incident that has shocked the entire country, a 26 yrs old woman has managed to walk home safely after a late night party even though she was wearing a mini skirt. Sujata (name changed) had a few drinks at a local pub and then decided to take a walk home to clear her head and shockingly, she reached home safely.

Minis skirt
Nobody molested her even though she was wearing this!

This incident has confused the police, politicians and the local protectors of culture, all of whom believed that a woman walking alone at night in a western dress must face at least molestation if not worse.

“I was out celebrating with my colleagues yesterday and had a few drinks while we were out. I was getting a bit of a buzz so I decided to take a walk home to clear my head. My home is only 2 KMs away from the pub where we were so it didn’t take long. My colleagues advised me not to do it as it is not safe out there but I trusted people out there to behave like civilized human beings and they did. I reached home safely”, Sujata told our correspondent.

“Nobody tried to attack me, I didn’t even hear any catcalls. Everyone on the road minded his own business and I had a very pleasant walk on the way home”, Sujata added.

However, this act of Sujata has attracted a lot of condemnation from local government officials. “What kind of example is she setting by walking around at night in a mini skirt? We have repeatedly told women that stepping out alone at night is an invitation for men to catcall women, stepping out after drinking is an invitation to molest and stepping out alone at night after drinking and wearing western dresses is direct rape invitation. She is misguiding women in our society by trying to show that women can walk around freely after dark”, a local official said angrily.

Meanwhile, Sujata has apologised for her behaviour and has assured the officials that she will never step out of her house after dark.