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Women beauty salons observe dip in revenues after "Choti Katwa" gang reaches metro cities

19, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Uttar Pradesh: The UP state government and the police are still clueless about the braid cutting incidents and seem to have no control over it. The police have even blamed China for this – UP Police believes that China has launched a bio-weapon on India, in the form of an insect, and those insects are cutting the braids of women while they sleep.


Till now, the incidents of braid cutting were being heard of only in rural areas but seeing the dip in revenues of Women beauty salons in metro cities, it can be alleged that “Choti Katwa” gang has reached metro cities too.

An incident that happened in Noida further emboldens the story. A resident of Noida sector 17, Ms. Ritika Deshmukh, tweeted about the hair cut she got in her dream and woke up to realize that her dream had turned into reality. She got a stylish hair cut in her dream and all for free. Ritika wasn’t sure whether she should be telling about the incident to the police. After some thinking,

Ritika made the decision that informing the police about the incident might make her pay for the haircut so she posted a Facebook status on the incident. Ms. Ritika wrote, “Got free haircut, dream came true.”

Soon after Ritika’s incident, many more similar cases came to light where women reported that their hair had been cut while they were asleep. One of the women not just reported but also appreciated the way her hair had been cut. She said it’s a lot better than the one she used to get from one of the costliest salons in the city.

Women Salons have called for a nationwide protest against the “Choti Katwa” gang, which seems to be the reason for the dip in their revenues. Reportedly, many women who wanted to get their hair cut from salons are now waiting for the “Choti Katwa” gang to do the same. It has also been learnt that women these days are sleeping more than usual.

Whether it’s a gang or an insect, the government and the police’s incapability to find out the truth is really worrisome. And women taking a life risk just to get a stylish haircut for free is setting a wrong standard for the society. For more such news keep reading Faking News.