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Women safety improves drastically in Karnataka after a ban on western dresses

03, Jan 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Home minister of Karnataka believes that western dresses are the reason behind the molestation incident that happened during new year’s celebrations in Bengaluru. Keeping women’s safety in mind, the state government has banned all western dresses for women in the state. As per reports, women safety has already improved drastically ever since the introduction of this ban 36 minutes ago.

Police attacking a woman for wearing banned western clothes

A senior government official speaking to us on the condition of anonymity said ,”It is still early days but we are hopeful that this trend will continue. Women can now breathe safely in the state as their 100% safety has been ensured by our beloved minister ji.”

Coming back to minister’s statement that led to the ban on western dresses, the official said, “Of course the western dresses were the reason behind that molestation incident as pointed out by our beloved minister ji. After all there were a lot of boys there. When boys see western dresses after drinking, they get out of control, it is natural. We have done many such things during our younger days as well, trust our experience. Some of them will chase girls, they might try to fall on girls who are wearing western dresses, they might pass some lewd comments. Western dresses trigger all these emotions.

When we asked will it negatively impact city’s reputation, the official flew into a rage and said,”Are you an idiot or what? We have ensured total safety for women by banning those evil dresses and you are asking whether it will have a negative effect.”

As per sources inside the government, if women face attacks even after a ban on western dresses, the government plans to lock all women inside their houses and if even that doesn’t solve the problem, they will ban women completely.