Women threaten to spam social media with 'moustache pics' if beauty parlors not opened immediately, Govt non-committal

07, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

seems like lockdown is taking its toll on the people of the country, especially women. As ‘stay at home’ order extends into the third week, many women are getting restless over not being able to visit the beauty parlor.

Most parlors have been shut and grooming needs of many are in a limbo. But a social media protest seems to be brewing as women are getting vocal about their right to have access to beauty parlor.

Sources say that many have now threatened to spam social media with ‘moustache pics’ if parlors are not re-opened in few days.

A media professional from Mumbai who spoke to our reporter on condition on anonymity said, “First they close all stores without notice. And now hair removing creams are in short supply. I am tired of threading my upper lip. I need the parlor open right now else my moustache selfie is going on the social media.”

“I am already looking like Anil Kapoor. My husband avoids getting intimate with me, giving social distancing as an excuse,” wailed another woman.

RPI leader Ramdas Athavale came out in support of women and urged the Govt to take steps immediately. While speaking to our reporter he said, “Go Corona ka maine diya tha nara…..Go Corona Go ka diya tha maine naara. Pradhan Mantriji jaldi beauty parlor khol do warna auratein social media ka baja dengi bara.”

Govt however is non-committal and said that a call will be taken based on the situation prevailing in the country

There were speculations that PM would be sharing some grooming tips with citizens of the country in his next address to the nation. That piece of news was later debunked by official sources.