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Women's college bus starts 30 mins late as the Golgappa vendor runs out of aloo masala

11, Apr 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Jyoti Nivas College bus was delayed by half an hour due to an ‘unprecedented’ situation that happened in front of college gate. The delay has nothing to do with any strike or some politicians visit. The golgappa vendor, Vinay who is so meticulous in his planning ran out of aloo masala which is used as stuffing inside golgappas.

“How can bus leave, when we have not got even one Golgappa”, said Sanjana, the women college president who was standing patiently holding the dried leaf bowl.

“We don’t come here only to attend lectures. Most of us skip lunch or have some light snacks like lays or haldiram packets, so that we can have a full-fledged golgappa meal later in the day”, said Sanjana.

“I lose my focus on the lectures given in the post lunch session, the time when the golgappa vendor comes here and starts putting up his make-shift stall. We would all will be peeping through the classroom windows. With the nice afternoon breeze, the ‘fragrance’ coming from those aloo masalas as it would be freshly prepared there, would completely ‘unsettle’ me”, said Rachna who was standing alongside Sanjana.

However, the college authority did not like this and threatened to replace the vendor if he repeats something like this in future.

Talking to us, nervous looking Vinay said, “Sir, this happened due to couple of freshers I hired over the weekend. They have never worked in front of women’s college. Thoda beh gaye, they used more aloo stuffing than necessary. By the time I could peel those boiled potatoes, finely chop the onions and coriander leaves, all the stuffing material was over”.

While thanking all the girls waiting patiently, Vinay started offering two free sukha puris instead of one per plate.