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Won't let our hard work in arresting Ryan School conductor go to waste, will make him confess to Aarushi murder: Haryana Police

09, Nov 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Gurugram: After CBI arrested a student of Ryan International School in the case of 7 yrs old Pradyuman’s murder, several questions have been raised over Haryana Police’s investigation conducted earlier. Haryana Police had arrested one of the bus conductors in the school for the murder and had even obtained a confession from him.

Now under fire over the investigation carried out by them, Gurugram Police Commissioner has said that police did a lot of hard work to solve the crime. Further, he said that the hard work done by the policemen in arresting the conductor will not go to waste and they will make him confess to Aarushi Talwar murder.

Speaking to the media earlier today, he said, “Mentally he is now prepared to go to prison for a long time. Thanks to the efforts put in by our brace policemen, he is experienced in confessing a murder as well. Now it would be a shame to let all that hard work go to waste. We will keep track of him and will make him confess again if we come across another crime where we can’t find the actual culprit.”

“Every case will not go to CBI or have media attention. We will use him only for one of those low profile cases so that we don’t have a repeat of this situation where real killer also surfaces. It is a good lesson for the police as well and will help us improve going forward,” he added.

Meanwhile, Haryana Police has offered to catch JFK’s real killer from Gurugram as well but Donald Trump is yet to respond to the offer.