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Won't make any movies while on parole: Ram Rahim assures High Court

25, Jun 2019 By @jurnoleast

While desperately making an application before the Punjab and Haryana High Court, convicted godman Ram Rahim has given in writing that he won’t be making any movies while on parole.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh MSG

The court had denied him parole on previous occasion after judge observed that Ram Rahim could make movies outside jail and mentally harass the people at large. This could lead to a law and order problem.

Specific observations were put forth by the judge on Ram Rahim’s movies and his songs namely Love Charger and Thank You for That. “While the accused through his movies has tried to mislead the public by portraying himself as a messenger of god. People are being tortured in the name of entertainment. If the accused makes any more movies while on parole, it could lead to wide speared protests and a potential law and order problem in the state,” the judge stated.

Earlier today Haryana Jail Minister spoke in favor of Ram Rahim and said that every prisoner has a right to parole. “His behavior has been very good in the jail. He has not committed any crime while serving sentence. He eats his food on time, has his bath on time and even cleans his jail cell. If it was up to me I get let him go free just for his behavior,” said the minister.

Ram Rahim too on his part has said that though it would be difficult from keep himself away from glitz and glamour, he’d do anything stay outside jail. But his lawyers somehow managed to convince his to control his urge. “He has reconciled to the fact that he’d not even let that thought come to his mind,” said a senior lawyer for the godman.

Few producers who were looking forward to Ram Rahim’s release to get their pending movie projects on floor are now left in a quandary. “This is gross injustice. I am afraid the court doesn’t realise what it is doing. The Messenger of God series can easily give Avengers a run for their money,” said a producer.