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We won’t pay tax, will only show Mumbai spirit: Mumbaikars

06, Sep 2017 By itsmihir1993

Mumbaikars are known for their “never give up” attitude, especially in untoward times when the city comes to a halt but people work their way out of it.

An example of the same was seen during the recent Mumbai rains when the heavy downpour brought the city to a standstill for two days. Upset with the repeated failure of the BMC to ensure normalcy in the city during monsoons, the residents of Mumbai have pledged that they won’t pay tax and will only display their Mumbaikar spirit to run the city of Mumbai.

In an event held in chest-deep waters to protest against the inefficiency of the BMC, the residents announced that the corporation shall now run the city from the Mumbaikar spirit of the people as the taxes paid by them did not yield better infrastructure.

“We could have announced this after the water subsides but we wanted to show the Mumbaikar spirit, hence we organised this protest when the city is paralysed,” said a Mumbaikar who was a part of the protest.

According to reports, the event was headed by Maharasthra CM Devendra Fadnavis, who flew over the protest venue in his chopper to make his presence felt. Later in the day during a press brief, he said, “The inefficiency of the Mumbai Mayor is evident and he must resign. I have already instructed the BJP IT Cell to team up with Twitter trolls and make jokes on the mayor, which will make him feel guilty for an entire two hours.”

Mumbaikars, who were happy with the move, later celebrated by dancing in the waterlogged streets. A Mumbaikar, who was all jubilant about the removal of taxes, said, “I’m happy that out of the taxes we paid, they’re building a Shivaji statue—a statue so huge that Shivaji will never drown even when the entire city is drowning. All hail development!”