Won't tolerate Hindi imposition in our movies: Bollywood actors warn Amit Shah

18, Sep 2019 By Sandeep Kadian
Mumbai: Few days after Home Minister Amit Shah batted for Hindi as the language to link entire India, Bollywood actors have strongly come out against this statement. Several leading actors and actresses have criticized this statement and have made it clear that they will not act in any film that will require them to know Hindi.Katrina-Kaif-4
In a joint statement signed by over 500 active artists from Bollywood, they have warned Amit Shah that any effort to impose Hindi in Bollywood films will result in a massive backlash from the industry.
Speaking to Faking News, one actor with 4 Filmfare awards said, “If they want to impose Hindi, do it in Hindi speaking states like Punjab, Gujarat and…. what do they speak in Bengal? Anyway, the point is, keep Hindi for those states and leave our Bollywood alone. We speak our own language and everything works smoothly as long as it is not in Hindi so why change anything here?”
Joining in the conversation, a leading actress with a dozen super hit films said, “If I can act in a dozen super hit films without knowing Hindi, then it is very clear that you don’t need to know the language so why should we start imposing it now? Acting in politics may require Hindi but as far as Bollywood is concerned, even the writers don’t need to know Hindi. They just need to know English and Korean to understand the script of the original films and then make it in Bollywood.”
When we mentioned that Bollywood is sometimes called Hindi film industry, the actress said, “Even Rahul Gandhi is sometimes called a leader, doesn’t make him one.”