Monday, 6th April, 2020


After doing Work From Home, PSU bank employee misses Home From Work like environment

20, Mar 2020 By sameer mahawar

The precautionary measures being adopted by public and private organisations allowing their employees to work from home might sound the safest strategy when it comes to hygiene but it is hitting the productivity levels of a section that feels more comfort being at office than at home.


As a counter measure to contain the spread of coronavirus, due to which the world has gone bonkers, people are advised to practice social distancing.

But few of the employees of some PSU Banks are feeling void owing to this work from home strategy.

Mr. Kushlesh Pradhan, who joined as a PO in the Bank and also provides PO exams coaching after his working hours, is feeling dissatisfied due to this measure. “In my 9 to 5 job, I used to work for 2 hours, play solitaire, ludo and candy crush for 3 hours and rest of the time was reserved for lunch. But this work from home facility has disrupted my schedule. Being at home, my wife makes me work for 8 hours to do the household chores and just gives 15 minutes for lunch. What kind of women empowerment is this? I’m getting out of excuses to avoid work like I used to do being at office.”

“I have lost 10 kgs in 3 days. I hadn’t have scolded anybody during these days. I make use of my influential position in the office to get petty chores done, but now everything is being done by me” said Mr. Kushlesh and left to wash his hands saying, “Abhi lunch time hai, baad mein ana“.

Another employee, Mrs. Shweta Pandit said, “I used to weave one sweater a day at office. But since I’m in self-isolation, my work productivity has increased and personal productivity has taken a downturn. No daily gossips, no one to complain about mother-in-law. Now I have to compulsorily sit in the front of the computer system and be available at call all the time to make my boss believe that I’m actually working, but this has hampered my sweater weaving hobby.”

Some of the TV news anchors are also enduring their pain by unable to go to hospital wards for checking the live situation there and are feeling pissed off as they don’t have any government or minister to blame this time.