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Workers dig potholes which were filled up for Ivanka’s visit after citizens complain about not recognizing the roads

30, Nov 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

To welcome VVIPs, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) officials had chosen new and innovative methods to give a facelift to roads and pavements. “It was a good opportunity for us to show our skills to decorate the city. We did this not only keeping in view the GES, but as part of a routine job,” GHMC commissioner had said. Pavements had been fixed with new tiles and phoenix trees and cement benches have been given a coat of painting at Begumpet Airport Road, NFCL Circle, Jubilee Hills Check Post, Cyber Towers, Mini Charminar and HICC so that they glow during the night time. But the corporation is facing the citizens wrath after most of them are facing problem in recognizing the roads.

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There were many accidents reported in the last 2 days where people who are not usually habituated of driving on smooth roads banged into each other. Children were forgetting the routes to their schools, adults to their offices and houswives had trouble locating the vegetable markets. All due to new looking smooth roads. People had never felt such difficulties when the roads were full of potholes. Because the potholes were an important part in remembering the proper directions. But now with no potholes all roads look the same and it has caused havoc among the travelers.

As we write this article, we already have news of municipal workers working overtime to dig the potholes again and most importantly similar looking potholes to the ones which were filled up for Ivanka’s visit. The corporation has promised that though it will be difficult to exactly replicate the size of the potholes, it will give its best in creating the vibe of the older roads.