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World relieved as terrorist shouts "Terrorism has no religion" before massacre

03, Jul 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

Dhaka: People all over the world were much relieved as a terrorist shouted “Terrorism has no religion” before shooting tens of victims and blowing himself up in a suicide attack that caused heavy casualties.

Bomb blast
Site of the historic blast

The relief was palpable among people caught up in the “terrorism and religion” debate after every terrorist attack, the frequency of which has dramatically risen over the past year with the rise of ISIS and its followers worldwide. This has caused much grief and restlessness to the largely peace loving average man/woman.

The standard religious cries by radical Islamic terrorists before their terror attacks have long communally polarized the world during the sensitive immediate aftermath of the attacks. While Muslims worldwide, governments and liberals everywhere would immediately react saying terrorism has no religion, the conservatives would lose no time in linking Islam and terrorism.

Speaking to Faking News, a couple who seemed very much in love, said, “This incident has helped us get back together. We were very much happy and in love till we started debating who to blame for the frequent terrorist attacks over the past year. After one heated debate too many, we even started sleeping in separate rooms. But after what happened during this latest attack, we were relieved not having to have another debate and that gave us time to realize how much we loved one another. Please convey our love to that terrorist.”

One journalist tweeted, “It is such a beautiful day to be alive, a time of love. I see strangers hugging on the roads with palpable joy on their faces as they seemed to have enjoyed a good night’s sleep having not engaged in emotional aftermath.”

A petition demanding Nobel Peace Prize for the benevolent terrorist has so far gathered 300000 signatures.

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