Monday, 6th April, 2020


Yes Bank investors head to Himalayas with their jhola, ask PM Modi for directions

07, Mar 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Yes Bank, famous for giving out loans to people who promise never to return it, is facing a huge crisis right now.


RBI has imposed a moratorium on the bank for 30 days and restricted withdrawal from the bank at 50,000 Rs. While the depositors have been assured that their money is safe, Lakhs of investors now know that their money is gone. Now the investors who have lost all their money in the stock have decided to grab a jhola and head to the Himalayas.

The inspiration for this act came from Prime Minister Modi who once mentioned that he owns nothing and if he is no longer the PM, he will just head to Himalayas with his jhola. Now that Yes Bank investors have lost everything, they are also planning to follow that advice.

Speaking to Faking News, one investor living on the footpath on Senapati Bapat Road in Lower Parel said, ”We have realized that these materialistic things don’t matter, only inner peace counts and we are heading to Himalayas to seek that spirituality that can put us at peace. We are prepared to leave this cruel world behind and seek salvation.”

“Mumbai to Himalayas is a long long journey, so we have asked PM Modi to share the shortest route and the best place in Himalayas for a fakeer with a jhola. He can also join us now if he wants”, he further added.

Meanwhile, when asked about Yes Bank’s future, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has assured everyone that Yes Bank is not going anywhere, and she will make sure that their head office remains in Mumbai.