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Yogendra Yadav to sleep on pavements of Bangalore to prevent bikers from using it

14, Sep 2014 By johnrj

Bangalore. In a smart move to prevent bikers from using the pavements to bypass traffic and to promote the party outside Delhi, AAP leader Yogendra Yadav has decided to sleep on different pavements every day to increase awareness and stop the bikers from using it.

“I will make sure no one uses the pavements improperly anymore. I will use my own body to prevent this from happening,” confirmed Yogendra Yadav when quizzed about his plan.

Yogendra Yadav
Yogendra Yadav at work.

“Bangalore was once a great city with well-constructed pavements and now these bikers are ruining it physically. This is the time to take action. Due to increasing traffic and impatient IT employees we are ruining the city’s assets. I have formulated a 24 day plan of sleeping on different busy pavements in Bangalore to teach them a lesson,” he gave out the details of his plan.

Sources close to Yogendra Yadav have revealed the intense regime now being followed by him for this ordeal.

“He is watching ‘Man vs Wild’ continuously to get some tips on how to survive sleeping without getting injured or anything bad happening,” said one of the sources, “We have already packed mosquito repellent creams and water packs to aid his sleeping rebellion.”

Yogendra Yadav has also started learning how to go into deep sleep mode so that honks and other noises won’t disturb him.

Reportedly, party supremo Arvind Kejriwal has given his muffler to Yogendra Yadav so that he could prevent himself from cold during the nighttime.

However, his first stint in one of the busy traffic areas of Bangalore has caused a heavy traffic jam due to loss of a lane for the riders. Police had to take him into custody to let traffic flow freely again.

“It’s a shame the Bangalore police is doing this,” said a frustrated Yadav with a speaking speed as slow as Bangalore traffic, “If they themselves are not able to control the pavement usage, they should let an aam admi to do it for them.”

Meanwhile social media is buzzing with the news of Yogendra Yadav’s feat, which is already being considered as one of the greatest achievements of his sleeping pose ever.

Although netizens have condemned the arrest, they are however eagerly waiting for another set of his sleeping pictures taken in the police station to be released soon.