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Youth Leader slapped by mom for only doing those things that fit his agenda

12, Jan 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Furious mom of notable youth leader Kamlesh Manmani slapped him this morning. She was annoyed by his agenda driven acts. As per our reports, mom sent him to get sweets for the guests. According to the sweet shop owner, he came to the shop and started shouting “all the sweets are saffronized. Jalebi, rabri, balushahi everything contains saffron. This is the conspiracy of the ruling party. I will not buy these sweets.”


Kamlesh asked the public to refrain from buying such sweets. He even asked the shopkeeper to use coriander powder to make sweets look more secular. In fact, he strengthened his argument by saying that using coriander leaves instead of saffron will lead to cost savings.

When he went back home without sweets, his mom became furious. “Every day I give you Rs 2 to get coriander leaves. You had self-esteem issues with it but you never uttered a word. Why did you create so much havoc out of sweets?” she questioned.

To this Kamlesh replied, “Sweets fit my agenda in public interest.”

His reply incensed his mom and in a fit of rage she rained a several slaps on him. She told our representative that this is not the first time Kamlesh is showing strange behavior. Last week while attending a cousin’s wedding he said that let us shower leaves on the bride-groom, instead of flowers. He argued with everyone that leaves look more secular than flowers. He even persuaded his mom to wear a secular color saree.

Faking News tried to reach Mr. Kamlesh, but he refrained to answer as he is too busy posting selfies on social media sites. The selfies have received a good response nationwide. He captioned his selfies as “standing against corruption with swollen cheeks.” The selfies had to be taken before swelling of the cheeks disappeared.

Author: Chetna Chauhan