Monday, 6th April, 2020


1 month old child beats a 15 days old child in Kota, hopes to get some attention from national media now

10, Jan 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

Kota: In a sensational case of violence in a Government hospital in Kota, a One month old infant has beaten a 15 days old baby using a bottle of saline. The incident has sent shock waves through the hospitals already dealing with a lot of problems concerning the infants. The injured infant has been sent to a better hospital for treatment, while the accused infant has been confined to solitary detention inside the hospital.


Speaking to Faking News, the father of the offending infant said, “This is just the frustrations of being ignored, you can’t blame a baby for becoming violent after getting so frustrated. Since his birth, he has literally been crying for better medical equipment and better medical care, but nobody seems to notice. All his friends have left one by one, and he is alone and terrified. In this situation, he wants people to care for his plight but instead, everyone is busy talking about students and the violence of politically affiliated student groups.”

Further, he added, “He has spent most of his life inside this hospital and during that time, he has mostly heard people playing news clippings on their phones, even when waiting inside the hospital. All he hears in the news are the stories of violence and the news anchors breathlessly talking about it so he thought he should follow the same formula to get much needed attention. The other child was just collateral damage unfortunately but we hope everyone gets good medical care now.”

When we asked the Police if any action will be taken against the infant, the local police officer said that since nothing objectionable has been posted on Facebook, there is no case here.

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