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News reporters outside Saif's house who formed human pyramid to help Taimur break handi could be sacked from job

27, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

A group of news reporters, permanently stationed outside Saif Ali Khans house, who formed a human pyramid to help Taimur break the handi could be sacked from their respective organizations.


The move came after images of reporters forming human pyramid were shared on social media evoking considerable outrage.

A few days back, joining the festivities of Janmashtami, Saif Ali Khan Jr. too tried breaking the handi outside his house. The height however proved to be out of the reach of the tiny tot. That’s when the reporters who were sitting on the footpath outside Saif’s bungalow jumped in to help Taimur.

Eyewitness say that around 10 reporters along with a few locals, formed a human pyramid to help Taimur reach the top. Netizens were not very pleased with the images that were being shared and called for their sacking.

Not wanting the outrage to snowball into a controversy, the respective organizations are now planning to take action against these reporters.

In their defense, the reporters said that they were just doing their job and were it would be unfair if they were asked to leave the organization.

“I was assigned ‘Taimur beat’ even before he was born. The footpath outside Saif’s bungalow is my home now. I have covered everything from Taimur’s birthday to his first day in school. Even leaving aside any other important news events of the day,” lamented a news reporter working with Times of Hindustan.

Another reporter recollected how he caught Taimur’s soiled diaper that was flung outside the bungalow and made a Special Report on what Taimur had for dinner the previous day.

With the prospect of losing their job, these reporters are now planning to meet Saif and seek his intervention.

The bollywood actor refused to comment on the issue when contacted by us.