After tasting success with re-runs of old classics, Doordarshan to come up with its own streaming platform to take on Netflix and Amazon

01, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

Encouraged by the response to Ramayan and Mahabharat, Doordarshan now plans to start its own streaming platform to take on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

Many viewers expressed the desire to watch old DD serials to keep them entertained during the lockdown.

With DD coming up with its platform, viewers will get a chance to view every old classic DD serial on their smartphone.

Speaking to Faking News Information and Broadcasting Minister said, “When Mahabharat used to be aired in the 80s, streets used to be empty. We decided to air the epic again so that people would stay in their homes during lockdown and streets would again be deserted. But many from younger generation are still roaming around. We realized that is because they are hooked to their smartphones. So this streaming platform will ensure that they too would stay at home and watch the DD serials.”

Sources say that the decision could be game changer and could heat up the already intense streaming war.

Existing streaming platforms are not taking it lying down. Sensing increasing competition from Doordarshan, platforms such as Netflix and SonyLiv are pulling up their socks.

Sources say that to take on DD, SonyLiv is planning to turn its popular SetMax screensaver Sooryavansham into web-sries

Netflix too is not taking things lightly. The streaming platform has already got Radhika Apte on board for its next offering. “We don’t knwo what it will be. But we have Radhika in our next project. We will figure out some story later on,” revealed a Netflix insider.