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5 Indian journalists arrested by Dubai Police for irritating policemen on duty

27, Feb 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Dubai: Ever since the news of Sridevi’s unfortunate death broke, several Indian journalists have been hounding the Dubai police for updates related to the case. In their quest to get more details from the police, 5 journalists went a step too far and have ended up in Bur Dubai police station’s lock up. Dubai police has said that these journalists were constantly irritating their officers and were stopping the policemen from carrying out their regular duties.

A journalist with his bathtub inside the police station

While some journalists were patiently waiting for updates on the autopsy, these journalists entered the police station and refused to leave till they got the latest updates. One of them even brought a bathtub inside the police station and started asking the officers if it was the same size as the bathtub in Sridevi’s hotel room. Another one, entered the bathroom inside the police station and started checking for bathtubs. After ignoring these antics for two days, Dubai police finally decided to arrest them to stop the chaos inside their police station.

As per media sources, these journalists were instructed by their editors that unless they get an exclusive detail unavailable to other channels, their return ticket to India won’t be paid by the media houses. This led to desperation and these journalists went overboard.

As per reports, all these journalists tried to tweet to EAM Sushma Swaraj before the arrest to get some help but all of them were blocked by Sushma Ji and the message didn’t reach her.