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A day after Arpita Khan's grand marriage ceremony, media feeling more tired than her family members

19, Nov 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. As Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan’s much talked about marriage ceremony came to an end last night, a day after, Indian media houses are feeling more tired than Arpita’s family members.

The fatigue, which news anchors are reporters are going through, is even worse than what father and brother of a bride feel on the day next to the wedding.

Arpita Khan
A burden off media’s shoulders.

Faking News visited offices of various news channels and news sites and found many of the employees sleeping here and there in the offices. However, despite all tiredness, a satisfaction was visible on every face.

“I can’t explain how happy I am that she found the right life-partner and starting a new life,” said Ashish, a news anchor, after being woken up by our reporter. “This temporary weariness is nothing in front of that permanent happiness,” he added as few drops of tears trickled down his cheeks.

Ashish was continuously reporting on every single detail about Arpita’s marriage for the last three days, as he didn’t want his channel viewers to miss anything.

“I wanted my reporting to be pitch perfect. During Arpita’s vidai coverage, I almost broke down on camera,” Ashish continued, “At that moment, to stop my tears, I told myself – ladki to paraya dhan hoti hai, ek naa ek din to use jana hi hota hai.”

Another top executive of a news website, Prakash, had almost a nervous breakdown after an image slider with Arpita’s marriage photos suddenly stopped working.

Reportedly, he picked up a broom to beat the tech guys who were managing the site.

“For few minutes, the slider glitch enfeebled the level of celebratory environment on our website,” revealed an employee of the news website, “But the issue was fixed immediately and everything was back to normal. Today, Prakash sir is on leave. He worked so hard to make this marriage coverage unforgettable. He was taking opinions of at least ten consulting editors before finalizing caption of each pic. He deserves a break.”

Meanwhile, many news channels have issued an advance apology to their viewers, in case any news anchor or reporter falls asleep while reading or reporting other news.